Breast augmentation is one of the most common procedures that I perform in Beverly Hills. There are many shapes and types of breast implants to choose from. The most important goal is to produce a natural result that takes into consideration the overall figure of the patient. By taking careful measurements and understanding your expectations with respect to final breast size and shape, I visualize your intended result.

I often utilize a newly developed device during my breast augmentations which allows me to place the silicone implants into the pocket with ease. This also allows me to keep incision length short and carefully hidden. I place the implant to create a natural result that is proportionate and highlights a woman’s figure.


With age, after weight loss, and especially after giving birth, the breasts may droop. I perform a number of different breast lifting procedures based on each individual patient’s anatomy and goals. These procedures can be combined with an implant when additional volume is necessary. Breast reduction can also be performed with a lift. I use unique techniques to optimize breast shape with breast lift (mastopexy).


Patients who have back pain, bra strap grooving, dermatitis or feel self-conscious about their large breast size may benefit from a breast reduction procedure. The surgery involves removal of breast tissue and reshaping of the breast. I use a technique that maintains breast projection while reducing breast volume in order to produce a natural appearing breast shape after breast reduction. The size of the nipple areola complex can also be modified during this procedure highlighting the appearance of a more youthful breast.


A large number of women who have previously undergone breast augmentation surgery with older silicone implants may have developed some issues with their breast implants such as hardening or leak. Some of these older implants will require exchange. Depending on any damage that has occurred to the breast tissues I have a number of options to restore the appearance and feel of the breast during breast implant exchange procedures. On occasion reconstructive techniques may be required.


Capsular contracture or hardening of the capsule around breast implants is one of the most common complications of breast augmentation. Generally removal of the capsule and exchange of the implants is required. Having a skilled surgeon, who will preserve healthy breast tissues is paramount to the success of this procedure which is called capsulectomy. In extreme cases when some resection of breast tissue must be performed due to silicone infiltration, I am able to use reconstructive plastic surgical techniques to “create” new breast tissue.


Ruptured saline implants will usually require simple replacement or replacement with capsulectomy. However, ruptured silicone implants often mandate more extensive procedures with insertion of a special solution to help remove silicone and possible resection of breast tissue that has been damaged by the extruded silicone. In severe cases reconstructive plastic surgical techniques will be necessary to “create” new breast tissue.


I am proficient in all aspects of breast reconstruction after mastectomy, trauma, or silicone infiltration. Modalities include tissues expander, latissumus, pedicled or free TRAM flap (autologous) reconstructions.

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