I prefer to use natural fillers like restylane for facial rejuvenation. It is important for patients to understand that far more important than the type of filler used is the skill and aesthetic aptitude of the injector.  In fact, injecting fillers is a very precise task that should be performed extremely accurately – by someone who possesses a keen understanding of facial anatomy and form. I personally treat all of my filler patients. As a surgeon and through my studies of figurative sculpture, I have seen facial anatomy inside and out and have studied the aesthetics of the human face in youth and with aging. My goal with fillers is to rejuvenate and enhance your appearance, by making you look refreshed and by highlighting your vibrance.


The lips may be the most sensual part of the face. With aging they can assume a tired appearance and shape. Some young patients may complain of a small upper lip or both lips may be too small. The lips can be both rejuvenated and enhanced with dermal fillers. It is crucial to be extremely judicious about the application of filler in certain parts of the lips especially around the central portion of the upper lip (cupid’s bow). Using a very fine needle allows the surgeon to etch the lips and restore their natural sensuality. Additional filler can be added to the substance of the lip to add a gentle and natural appearing pout. This is one of my favorite nonsurgical cosmetic procedures to perform.

1.5 cc of restylane was used to add harmony and pout to this young woman’s lips by equalizing them – adding fullness and sensuality while still maintaing a natural look.

Natural, sensual and youthful result two weeks after 1cc of restylane was used to treat this 46 year old patient’s lips by Dr. Patel.


The lower eyelids may have an appearance with “bags” under the eyes. Sometimes what a patient feels is a “dark circle” is actually the shadow from the bag under the eye. Injections can make these bags virtually disappear by filling in the tear trough region under the eyelid. By smoothing this area the ocular aesthetic unit become unified with the midface greatly rejuvenating the patient’s appearance.

Notice the transformation of the lower eyelid area. The patient’s face has regained its youthful warmth.

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