My interest in the complex and rewarding field of rhinoplasty goes back many years. My research on the topic of ethnic rhinoplasty has been presented at the Rhinoplasty Society Meeting and at the Rhinoplasty Symposium of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. The diversity in nasal anatomy and the importance of the nose on the overall appearance of the face cannot the overstated. Rhinoplasty is an exacting and challenging operation that requires a stepwise approach similar to a game of chess. I spend a tremendous amount of time planning for your rhinoplasty operation and utilize computer imaging to do so. Not only can I modify the external appearance of your nose, but I also perform septal surgey which can significantly improve breathing in some patients. I perform both primary and secondary (revisional) rhinoplasty utilizing the full spectrum of tools (diced cartilage, temporalis fascia, costal or ear cartilage grafts) as necessary.


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